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  • Merlot 2017

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  • Chardonnay 2018

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  • Riesling 2019

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  • 2017 Yard Wine

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  • Altitude 2016

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    Silver Medal Winner at the 2020 Lieutenant Governor’s Awards


  • 2018 Merlot Cabernet Franc

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  • Double Cream Brie

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    “It’s lovely, not rubbery or generic tasting but has a wonderful buttery texture and the cheese clings to your palate with good length.” ~ Daenna Van Mulligen, Wine Diva

  • King Cole

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    This velvety semi-soft, surface ripened blue with veining through out is a bold, full-flavoured cheese with delightful hints of apple and pear.

  • Carte Blanche 2019

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    New Release

  • Grey Baby

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    “Grey Baby…is so creamy, silky and earthy that it brings to mind pigs foraging for truffles in the fall.” – Anya Levykh, EAT Magazine

  • Gold

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    This, our signature cheeese, is a semi-soft surface ripened, washed-rind cheese that only gets better with age. When young, it has a smooth rich and creamy texture with a subtle buttery flavour, which gets bolder with age.

  • Pinot Noir 2018

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