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30 Day Adventures visits Upper Bench Winery & Creamery

18 September 2014


Wining and dining in the Okanagan

Wining and dining in the Okanagan

8 September 2014

The Province.com[...more]

Another Great Okanagan Chefs Association Article

8 September 2014

Written by our very own Penticton, British Columbia local writer extraordinaire Roslyne Buchanan. [...]

A Knockout Riesling!

27 August 2014

In this corner! Weighing in at 4.12 tons per acre. Standing 13 inches tall. With over 400 cases prod[...]

Upper Bench Releases Blockbuster Reds

23 July 2014

"Judging from three new red wines, Penticton’s Upper Bench Estate Winery is being turned around bril[...]