Our Crew

Josh a.k.a “the human encyclopedia”

Terroir: Naramata, B.C.

Varietal: Winemaker-veriatas

Palate: Pinot Noir – earthy, elaborate & educated

Flavour: King Cole – noble!

Finish: Rarely is Joshua finished talking!

Vintage: September 2011

Sarah a.k.a. “Sunny Sarah”
Sarah a.k.a. “Sunny Sarah”

Terrior: Osoyoos, B.C.

Varietal: Corks & Curds Club Manager

Palate: Cabernet Sauvignon – Inviting, fun & strong

Flavour: Okanagan Sun – always a pleasure!

Finish: This happy lady likes to finish the day with a glass of wine and a good book!

Vintage: April 2014

Bella a.k.a. “Belly-Button”
Bella a.k.a. “Belly-Button”

Terroir: Clinton, B.C.

Varietal: Herder-veriatas

Palate: H20

Flavour: Not particularly picky when it comes to UB’s cheeses

Finish: Likes to finish each day with a biscuit

Vintage: January 2008 (born) 2010 (joined the UB family), crossed the rainbow bridge September 2021. We miss you Belly!

Loves to play fetch, but will never bring it (a ball, a stick, a twig, a weed, etc.) directly back to you because she likes to get a head start on the next throw. Don’t worry Emma will usually bring it to you – what else are little sisters for!

Emma a.k.a. “Emma-Louise”(but only when I’ve done something I’m not supposed to)

Terroir: Keremeos, B.C.

Varietal: Herder-veriatas

Palate: H20

Flavour: Gofers, grape skins & wasps

Finish: Always finishes with a lick

Vintage: July 2011

Loves to play, can jump ridiculously high for a girl with such short legs, and can be quite a lazy pup. She will often bring the ball, stick, twig or weed back that you throw for Bella, but is a little more reluctant to give it back and may keep it in her mouth for a while (or the day).