Moody Cow


Tasting Notes

Think of Moody Cow as a tasty cross between Grey Baby and King Cole; if you are a fan of either of those cheeses, you will love this!

It has the lovely soft texture of Grey Baby but the beautiful veining of King Cole.

We hand-craft all of our award winning cheese here at Upper Bench, using 100% Canadian Pasteurized Milk.

Our Moody Cow is hand-made in 10″ rounds, which we then slice into wedges.

Please note:  We care about you receiving your cheese in the best possible condition, so we limit shipping days to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Additional information


100% canadian cow milk (pasteurized), bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, and rennet.

Milk Fat





3 weeks

Pairing Suggestions

Try our Moody Cow blue cheese with our Pinot Noir, Yard Wine, or Estate Cabernet Sauvingnon