Cacao Nib & Cranberry King Cole


This velvety semi-soft, surface ripened blue with veining through out is a bold, full-flavoured cheese with delightful hints of apple and pear. This particular batch was infused with organic cacao nibs.

Tasting Notes

Hand’s down our biggest seller is our King Cole blue cheese.  This velvety semi-soft, surface ripened blue with veining throughout is a bold, full-flavoured cheese with delightful hints of apple and pear. This is not your typical blue cheese; our King Cole is full of flavour, deep and creamy without the acidic bite of many blues.  But don’t be fooled! This cheese has flavour that lingers on your palate forever, making you crave more.

This particular batch is infused with organic cacao nibs and dried cranberries, giving you the perfect mixture of chocolate and blue cheese; pair it with one of Upper Bench’s full-bodied reds and you have a match made in heaven.

Our King Cole blue cheese is made from 100% Canadian pasteurized milk.

Our cheesemaker Shana chose to name the King Cole after her Dad’s parents, whose Mum was a King and Dad was a Cole.  This cheese is a perfect reflection of Shana’s Dad; big, bold and full of personality.

Please note:  Shipping days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (depending on delivery address).

Additional information


100% canadian cow milk (pasteurized), bacterial culture,salt, calcium chloride, rennet.

Milk Fat



6-8 Weeks



Pairing Suggestions

Try our King Cole blue cheese with our Upper Bench Riesling, Upper Bench Estate Merlot, Upper Bench Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Yard Wine and Altitude.

Cheesemaker's Notes

One of our favourite cheese to make at Upper Bench Winery and Creamery is our King Cole blue cheese. Made in 10” diameter and at 14” tall hoops these big boys weigh in at a whopping six to seven kilograms when ready. After separating curds from whey, the curds are formed and left to “whey-off” (drain) they are then dry salted, flipped daily until they are ready to be moved into a temperature and humidity controlled aging room. King Cole is aged in the Blue Cave with his little brother Grey Baby. Flipped weekly, the King Cole is pierced with a stainless piercing tool and once they have sufficient blue mould growth they are then moved into long-term cool storage where they are flipped and monitored until the cheesemakers feel they are ready for sale. Smooth and creamy this semi-soft big bold blue cheese lingers on your tongue making you want more.